Youth in Music 2023

    We went to the 2023 Youth in Music Show at US Bank Stadium today to see my nephew perform in the Marching Band competition for Grand Rapids High School. We saw all the AAA and AAAA performances.

    • Papillion-La Vista South HS (Papillion, NE)
    • Grand Rapids HS (Grand Rapids, MN)
    • Farmington HS (Farmington, MN)
    • Irondale HS (New Brighton, MN)
    • Marshall HS (Marshall, MN)
    • Millard West HS (Omaha, NE)
    • Brandon Valley HS (Brandon, SD)
    • Millard North HS (Omaha, NE)
    • Sioux Falls Lincoln HS (Sioux Falls SD)
    • Eden Prairie HS (Eden Prairie, MN)
    • Eastview HS (Apple Valley, MN)
    • Rosemount HS (Rosemount , MN)

    The performances were impressive and each one is like a 10 minute show. For the finale, Iowa State University MB (Ames, IA) gave an exhibition performance with a Metallica theme that was incredible.

    We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory today. Learned that it takes 47 seconds for a computer to lathe a professional bat. And the many batters have custom specifications that their bats are made to. Very cool place.

    We visited Churchill Downs today and took the Superstars & Spires Tour. The history of the race, the venue, and the horses. It made me want to go to the Kentucky Derby someday! 🏇

    Looking great Chicago! 👋

    We visited Gooseberry Falls today. We have had extreme draught conditions and the falls have been greatly impacted. The Lower Falls are completely dry. It was rather shocking to see. I renamed it Mini Gooseberry Falls this year.

    We opened up the 16th floor in SPS Tower this week! What an amazing space for our growing team! 👍 The Library space, bright colors and fun references in the space are great!

    We had a great morning exploring the Franconia Sculpture Park! We are lucky to have great public art in the Twin Cities!

    We had a great time at the Minnesota Zoo Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular last night. I was blown away by the artistry and overall experience. It is created by Passion for Pumpkins with 5,000 pumpkins! The big, photo style pumpkins are very cool. 🎃👍🤩

    Congratulations Alona & Dylan!

    On September 27th my sister Alona tied the knot with her fiancé Dylan! They had a very nice ceremony followed by a reception at the Maple Grove Community Center. The ceremony was family and close friends standing in the gardens off of the reception area. Alona and Dylan had a Bahá’í marriage ceremony which does not have an officiant. They asked me to start things off with a few words.

    Good evening and welcome to the marriage ceremony of Alona Thingelstad and Dylan Maas-Morgan. Alona, my sister, and Dylan have asked me to greet you all today and welcome you to this wonderful ceremony of love and dedication. I am sure that you have all been to a many weddings, however this may be your first Bahá’í wedding. You will notice that no clergy is present, we are not in a church and everybody is enjoying a wonderful Minnesota fall evening. A Baha’i wedding is a simple exchange of a single statement. Once both the groom and bride make this pledge in the presence of two witnesses, Dylan and Alona will be married. Today, Alona’s mother Rosalin and I have agreed to serve as these witnesses. While a Bahá’í marriage is a decidedly simple affair, Bahá’í’s take the institution of marriage with the utmost seriousness. From the Kitáb-i-Aqdas: “And when He desired to manifest grace and beneficence to men, and to set the world in order, He revealed observances and created laws; among them He established the law of marriage, made it as a fortress for well-being and salvation, and enjoined it upon us in that which was sent down out of the heaven of sanctity in His Most Holy Book.” That fortress is filled with that most important thing, love. From `Abdu’l-Bahá: “…[I]n the world of humanity the greatest king and sovereign is love. If love were extinguished, the power of attraction dispelled, the affinity of human hearts destroyed, the phenomena of human life would disappear.” In a moment Dylan and Alona will exchange those blessed words. This will be followed with a Bahá’í prayer. Please listen closely. As with many great things in life, it all goes by much too quickly. And now a reading from Dylan’s mother, Cynthia…

    Here are the photos I took. I also put them on Facebook for all the people that like that kind of thing, but I’m also putting them here so they are still around after Facebook (A.F.).

    It was a great evening filled with family and fun. Congrats to my sister and her new husband and I wish them years of wedded bliss!

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    2012 Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament

    The Kubbchucks played at the 2012 Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament on Saturday. In between games I took out the camera.

    Canal Park and Gooseberry Falls

    We drove from Duluth to Ely this morning to start our weekend in Ely. We got some photos in Canal Park and of course we stopped at Gooseberry Falls.

    I really dig the photo of the violins.

    2009 State Fair

    We had a great time at the Minnesota State Fair this year. This year was the first year that Mazie really got into it. Highlights included the butterfly house, carousel ride, cookies, skyjump and the butter heads. Mazie had an awesome time on the skyjump.

    Sous Les Sapins

    Photos from our weekend in Eastern Iowa staying at Sous Les Sapins Guesthouse with friends.