First Day as Mr. Mom

I'm taking a moment to relax a bit and plugging this post up on the blog. The photos from the day are uploading right now as well. Today was the first day of Tammy's **5-day** trip with her Mom. They are going on a [Heifer Ranch's Women's Lambing Weekend]( Mainly they will be working on a ranch with the animals, and help deliver a number of newborn lambs. They are going to ride a water buffalo at some point. I can't wait to see the photos from the trip! 🙂 I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. I'm taking today, tomorrow and Monday off of work and Mazie and I have a lot of fun things scheduled. However, the addition of a brand new puppy has greatly complicated things and added a bunch of stress. On the plus side though it will give Izzy and I some good quality time together. Mazie also came down sick yesterday with a high temperature. She did okay today with some medicine, but we'll be skipping [ECFE]( class tomorrow.

Tammy and Grandma took off at 9am this morning after many hugs and kisses. Mazie and I wished them off from the door and immediately got ready to head to our big event for the day. We headed to the location of her ECFE classes to join the group leaving for the state capitol. She seemed good enough to go on the trip, and unlike ECFE class there wasn’t going to be a lot of playing with other kids so I figured it was fine with her being a little sick.

The event today was the Voices for Children Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. This is a pretty simple event that seems to fulfil two objectives. First is for parents to come with their kids and express their continued support for ECFE and other early-childhood programs. The second is for state legislators to get photo opportunities with young kids for the next campaign brochure. It’s very lightly organized, and mostly Mazie and I just spent an hour wandering around the capitol and having fun.

The main draw of the event really was the bus ride. Mazie loves school buses, or “big trucks” as she used to call them. We boarded the bus and her glee turned to fear. She kept repeating “don’t like” while sitting in the bus, feeling a bit scared. I was pretty worried she would totally melt down when the bus started going but she did okay. She was fine the 2nd time on the return ride. We sang “Wheels on the Bus” about 114 times. 🙂

That was our only big event for the day. We went and got groceries. Mazie was able to have toast for dinner, one of her new favorites. I got a super-great real-bone for Izzy that she has been fascinated by all night, making me happy to have some time to relax.

Tomorrow we are going to make a short visit to my office and then visit Grandpa Don and Rusty!

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