We stopped at our cabin yesterday to check on the flooding on Cannon Lake. Lucky for us the only real situation we are managing is our pontoon and dock. The water was down a few inches from last week but still very high. The lake association also sent a warning that the water may be contaminated due to all the flooding upriver from us.

I also replaced the sump pump discharge line. Usually the sump pump there doesn’t run often but it is running every minute to two now and I noticed the discharge line had several holes and it was spraying water all over the place. I figured with all the flooding I may not be able to find a replacement but Faribault Ace Hardware had our back. Our sump pump didn’t have a threaded connector but I was able to make it work and got the new line in place.

We drove along Cannon Lake Trail and the water had receded a few inches but still a lot of flooding and even more debris after a week. We also looped through Dodge Court and most of the really big houses there were still okay but there were a few that were badly flooded. In Warsaw I was surprised that bridge that crosses the Cannon River on Farwell Ave was still open. I thought it ould be flooded too. The Channel Inn was not flooded, but Doc’s Dock was flooded and several of their permanent RV spots were as well.