I’ve made it a tradition since my 50th birthday to issue a POAP token for my birthday and share it as a gift from me to others to celebrate the day. I’ve now done this for three years. Each year I’ve used a POAPathon bounty to create the image and have featured a different artist each year. POAP launched POAP Family a while ago and one of the features it has is the ability to show collectors across multiple POAPs. I like how this works when you have a series of events like my birthday POAPs.

  • There are 12 collectors that have all three.
  • There are 21 collectors that have the most recent two.
  • A total of 85 collectors have at least one of my birthday tokens.
  • There are 8 reservations from 2022 and 7 from 2023 that have not been minted.