Ready for AWS re:Invent!

Perhaps the largest dining hall ever. AWS re:Invent

Great seat for AWS re:Invent keynote.

Rob Krystyniak, @maas_8128,@zwingocom, @LukeSamaha, @scottbjer, and @pixelsnbits πŸ‘ #TeamSPS ready for AWS re:Invent keynote!

β€œwe are finally data center free!” quote from AWS re:Invent

9,000 attendees from 57 countries. AWS re:Invent

Amazon Workspaces. Huh. AWS re:Invent

Great to see former colleagues at @DowJones getting highlighted at #awsreinvent! Congrats all!

Amazon AppStream looks interesting. #awsreinvent

Tradeworx segment of #awsreinvent keynote is mind blowing.

Terabyte of data added a day to S3.

This graph shows the power of AWS. #awsreinvent

Attending Big Data: State of the Union session by Paul Duffy at #awsreinvent.

Morning keynote at #awsreinvent was great. Hit right topics. Expanded thinking.

Crap. Phone is at 12% battery already! Argh.

Love the Amazon Public Datasets and Big Open Data effort. Great stuff. #awsreinvent

You could make a lot of $$$ selling precharged battery packs for phones at #awsreinvent.

I don’t know what’s more impressive: AWS scaling or the dining service feeding 9,000 people. #awsreinvent

Pro tip for those in #awsreinvent dining hangar and trying to find people. The pillars have numbers.

At session about Amazon Redshift at #awsreinvent with Rob Krystyniak.

Going to Netflix Development Patterns for Rapid Iteration, Scale, Performance & Availability session at #reinvent next.

Someone should make a twitter client optimized for conferences.

Netflix red, black and blue systems concept is very smart. Did something similar at @DowJones but no blue concept.

I think it might finally be time to move all my personal web stuff to AWS.

Guys in suit coats playing ping pong at #awsreinvent Dev Lounge.

Fun running into @jondahl at #awsreinvent!