DevOpsDays MSP has done a fabulous job creating an inclusive event. Hearing from so many diverse voices is refreshing. With all of that goodness, it is jarring when sponsors address the group with “hey guys”. Make sure your message reaches the entire audience.

Day 2 opening keynote for DevOpsDays MSP from John Engelman on Cascading Failure. DevOpsDays MSP

“We were super confident in that answer, and we were super wrong.” John Engelman. I’ve been there many times in incidents. Whenever you are “super confident”, use that as a trigger for what you might be missing.

Great SPS Commerce overview from Nate Anderson, Sanjesh Kumar, and Olivia Alberts sharing some of the amazing things our team does, the powerful tech we use, and our learning culture! Come join our team! #TeamSPS 🤩

Martez Reed now sharing with DevOpsDays MSP about Intelligent Deployment Pipelines.

Next up at DevOpsDays MSP, Serena Tiede covering Security Logging and the keys to making it work well.

Alice Goldfuss bringing an awesome closing keynote “The Container Operator’s Manual” for DevOpsDays Minneapolis!

Super engaging, enlightening, and humorous container talk from Alice Goldfuss! 🙌😁