Tammy Finishes Twin Cities Marathon

This past weekend Tammy finished the Twin Cities Marathon! This was her first marathon attempt ever. She now has that 26.2 mile event under her belt. In 2004 she did the TC 10 mile run.

She wasn’t real sure about the marathon. She signed up for it months in advance, as required, and started her training right on track. She did a great job, but started to not enjoy the running once it got over 2 hours. She backed off a bit and took another go at it, but still just found that mentally after 2 hours she was sick of running. She started to really not like running, and rather than hate it entirely decided to remove the pressure of the marathon.

Then, a couple of weeks before the marathon, she decided to just go out and see what she could do. It’s rather crazy when you think about it. Her strategy was to run the first half-marathon, which she could do easily, and then run/walk the last half-marathon. She did as planned and crossed the finish right around 5 hours 40 minutes.

She was really exhausted

after (duh!) and took a couple of days to get the soreness out. She currently says another marathon is not in the works. We’ll see. I think there is possibly some glimmer of another marathon there.

Congrats to Tekester! Check out these photos from the marathon.

20071007-133907-3074.jpg 20071007-135053-3079.jpg 20071007-131830-3068.jpg 20071007-140515-3085.jpg 20071007-130000-3044.jpg 20071007-131311-3055.jpg 20071007-130715-3051.jpg 20071007-125827-3041.jpg 20071007-133602-3072.jpg 20071007-131852-3070.jpg 20071007-135056-3081.jpg 20071007-130624-3048.jpg 20071007-131526-3063.jpg 20071007-130622-3046.jpg 20071007-135102-3084.jpg 20071007-135051-3076.jpg 20071007-131401-3060.jpg 20071007-140514-3086.jpg 20071007-135051-3077.jpg 20071007-133900-3073.jpg 20071007-125835-3042.jpg 20071007-135101-3083.jpg 20071007-140800-3087.jpg 20071007-135057-3082.jpg

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