I suggest that congress work on enacting the following legislation:

Whereas many residents of the United States seek the pleasure of a coffee-based beverage, including many variations thereof, and that these beverages should be preserved for future enjoyment;

Whereas it is understood that espresso is a drink, and is not simply an ingredient to be added with milk or chocolate;

Whereas the history of coffee, and the native basis of coffee shall be understood;

  • Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the United States Government should pursue policies that

    • (1) mandate that all coffee shops shall have available the appropriate serving containers for a pure espresso beverage;

    • (2) espresso shall be served in a thick-walled, pre-heated porcelain cup not to exceed 2 ounces in capacity; and

    • (3) all coffee shops shall have monthly certification tests for all employees requiring the creation of a shot of espresso with robust crema that will last at least 60 seconds undisturbed.