Tammy and I had an enjoyable evening at Constellation Fund Bright Night 2024. Constellation Fund uses a data-driven approach to fund a variety of non-profits in the Twin Cities area with the goal to eliminate poverty. Constellation takes an approach similar to Robin Hood in New York or Tipping Point in San Francisco. Bright Night is their annual even to celebrate the great work the organization is supporting.

Bright Night was held at the Uptown Theater amidst a complete chaos of road construction. It was the first time I’ve been there since the massive renovation and it is very nice!

Hanging out with friends Julie Berman and Hal Kaufman.

Constellation had this setup to show how they use metrics to drive impact-based decisions.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the band that opened the evening but they were good.

I’ve always wanted to…

Andrew Dayton addressing the group and sharing progress of Constellation Fund.

Ran into Greg Blasko at the event, one of the founders of SportNgin.

Auto-generated description: A band performs on stage under a sign that reads BRIGHT NIGHT.
Tammy and I were both excited to see that Laamar was closing the night out!

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