Flying Rant

Subject really says it all. This is definitely a rant. I’m writing this on a plane. I’ll post it after I land and get to the hotel when I will be a rejoicing with glee at no longer being confined to my 9 cubic feet of space. I’m on a business trip right now and being reminded minute by minute why flying is such a horrible experience.

I’m flying coach, as seems to be the case most of the time these days. I don’t fly enough to be gold or platinum anymore and upgrades come far and few between to those that are just silver frequent flyers. Honestly though, I would rather not get the upgrades and fly less frequently. It’s not a very good trade-off.

Just now while getting my laptop out I had to lunge to the rescue of my poor screen. I had opened the computer on my seat tray and pushed myself back as far as I can in the seat so I had some hope of using the it. Just as doing this the person in front of me decides to recline and my computer was being squeezed in this vice. I kindly (I hope) asked the person to not recline, they were okay with this, so now I can actually try to do something productive for three hours. Here’s an idea, let’s all just agree that you CANNOT RECLINE IN COACH! Deal?

While typing the last paragraph I’ve been nailed by the beverage cart TWICE as it went down the aisle. No “excuse me” from the attendants or anything. After all, we are just cattle right?

Just as I get settled in and start typing, tunes going on the laptop and feeling comfortable the guy on the window has to get up. Yeah. I’m typing now while standing with the laptop balanced on the top of the seat. Oh, and even more amusing. After I write about my experience with the seat reclining a guy in the row next to me just had his laptop taco’d by a recliner in front of him. He didn’t ask him to stop though. Is that more considerate than me or just being a push over? You pick. This plane is 100% full. If the airlines cannot make money in this market, I don’t know how they ever could. Maybe if they spent just 1% of effort actually trying to make customers more comfortable they wouldn’t be thought of as the Greyhound of the Sky. Grrrrr…

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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