I did an audit of my App Store subscriptions recently. This seems like a good process to do on an annual basis.

My annual subscriptions totaled $309.06 (including taxes). This includes subscriptions to 16 services including: 1Blocker*, Albums*, Darkroom*, Day One, Drafts*, iTunes Match, mPaceline, NoMoRoBo (multi), Overcast, RadarScope, Tweetbot*, Unread*, Weatherline, and YouAte. * denotes family subscriptions.

I also have five monthly subscriptions for $79.55 (including taxes). This includes JAXJOX, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, and Apple One Family Premium. Those add up to $954.60 a year.

So how much are App Store subscriptions costing me a year? $1,263.66. They all add up! 💸

I did cancel a handful of subscriptions. These are all subscriptions that I use so I’m getting value from them.