We had a great Things 4 Good 2022 Fall Fundraiser. With the help of many friends and family we raised $5,217 to support four good causes.

Some notes from the event:

  • We sold 172 of the 180 Wicky Thing Candles we made. Last year we sold 134 candles.
  • We sold all 50 bottles of Sweet Thing Honey.
  • We sold 10 Jiggy Thing Puzzles, but it was the same puzzle we had in 2021 so a number of folks already had it. Last year we sold 26 puzzles.
  • We had six Wicky Thing Candle scents this year: Winter Wonderland, Apple of my Eye, Oh my Darling, Tea Time (new), Red Hot (new), True North (new). Winter Wonderland and True North were nearly half of the 180 candles and together sold out the fastest.
  • I’m not sure which vessel colors are the most popular, but it seems brown was likely the least popular.
  • We achieved over 400% return on the expenses to buy supplies given the amount raised!
  • Thus far 28 people have redeemed the Things 4 Good 2022 Fall Fundraiser POAP token. Printing out claim sheets with directions and the claim code was a much better way to distribute these.

I’m already looking forward to the 2023 Fall Fundraiser! 🤩