Kicking off #TeamSPS TechJam community event. Great day of learning and sharing technology solutions ahead.

Nate and Dan sharing how they are using serverless solutions to create scalable and efficient services.

Marcell sharing capabilities of the newest editions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Valentin from our Kyiv office presenting at TechJam about migrating their service to microservices.

. #TeamSPS Introduction to Go by Cody!

Cool live coding and running it inside browser / presentation template. Nice!

Jez Humble giving remote keynote for #TeamSPS TechJam on continuous delivery improvements!

Had a great time doing #TeamSPS VP Jeopardy at TechJam! Good sports Kent, Amy, and Paul.

Travis Travis Gosselin sharing the DevOps journey in our Toronto #TeamSPS office.

Dan talking at #TeamSPS TechJam about isolation and benefits to systems. Less friction!

Corbett sharing with #TeamSPS TechJam the fundamental value of the SPS network. Bringing it home to wrap up the day!

Wrapped up #TeamSPS TechJam with Kubb, beer 🍺 and burgers πŸ”!

Tough choices: great beer or great beer? 🍻