SPS TechJam 2017

Kicking off #TeamSPS TechJam community event. Great day of learning and sharing technology solutions ahead.

Nate and Dan sharing how they are using serverless solutions to create scalable and efficient services. #TeamSPS #TechJam

Marcell sharing capabilities of the newest editions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Valentin from our Kyiv office presenting at #TechJam about migrating their service to microservices. #TeamSPS

. #TeamSPS Introduction to Go by Cody! #TechJam

Cool live coding and running it inside browser / presentation template. Nice!

Jez Humble @jezhumble giving remote keynote for #TeamSPS #TechJam on continuous delivery improvements!

Had a great time doing #TeamSPS VP Jeopardy at #TechJam! Good sports Kent, Amy, and Paul.

Travis @travisjgosselin sharing the DevOps journey in our Toronto #TeamSPS office. #TechJam

Dan talking at #TeamSPS #TechJam about isolation and benefits to systems. Less friction!

Corbett sharing with #TeamSPS #TechJam the fundamental value of the SPS network. Bringing it home to wrap up the day!

Wrapped up #TeamSPS #TechJam with Kubb, beer 🍺 and burgers πŸ”!

Tough choices: great beer or great beer? 🍻

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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