On Sunday night Tammy and I went to see The Black Keys at Roy Wilkins Auditorium. I only recently discovered the Black Keys. I heard they were coming to town and they seemed like a great band to see live so we made a point to go. The show was really good. The Black Keys play a really good live show. I had fun taking some photos with my iPhone while we were there.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney came on the stage. It was a little odd just seeing two guys, but they made an amazing amount of sound for just two people.

I really liked the simplicity of their stage setup. It worked really well with their overall feel and made it feel like a smaller show.

They had the largest disco ball I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly big. At least six feet in diameter.

After an initial set they brought on two more band members and played a number of songs from Brothers.

I thought these lights in three rows were pretty cool.

This made me think we were on a porch on a summer evening. Strings of bare lightbulbs.

At the end a light board rose behind the stage with THE BLACK KEYS lit up on it.

So I got a little excited with the lights. The music was really great too! πŸ˜€