Scheduling Help: When Is Good

Like all of you reading this, I have some things that I just hate to do. It’s not that they are particularly difficult, I just find them irrationally frustrating. Probably at the top of my list is scheduling things. Here is how I typically end up scheduling something with some buddies. When
is Good

Me: How about Monday or Thursday night?
Them: Oh, man, those don’t work. What about Tuesday?
Me: No can do, busy then. What about Friday?
Them: No, that won’t work either.
Me: Forget it. This sucks. Later.

The extension of this are all the emails about times that are open that swirl and get no conclusion. Add more than two people to this and you reach a point of frustration even faster. I’ve long wished that there was a drop-dead simple tool on the web allowing people to collaborate on times to get together. And now there is!

When is Good?

When is Good is just such a tool. It is painfully easy. It doesn’t even require you to register to use it. You can zone out times that work to get a group together and then everyone else can filter those zones down using a 1-click web interface and at the end you’ve found the times that work for everyone. Brilliant!

I think that they are building this service the absolute right way. They are adding more features incrementally but just focusing on making the first thing work really well. You can get absolutely killed in complexity in calendaring dealing with iCal files and syncing. Nothing like that here, just find the time that works for people.

Hopefully When is Good will let me get things scheduled with people and keep my blood pressure down at the same time.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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