When we make candles we measure out all the wax and scent, and then measure again as you pour into the various vessels. There is usually a little bit of wax left in the melting pot on each batch and we usually pour that into a potpourri candle, little bits at a time.

We were making candles recently and I had no jars to fill, but we still had the leftover bits of wax from each batch. We also had a bunch of wood wick trimmings laying around. So I decided to embrace the Punk Rock ethos and make a Punk Rock Candle. 🀘

Vessel? I have tinfoil. Wicks? I have these trimmings from other candles. Scent? Whatever. Came out about 8” wide with three 3/4” wood wicks.

I kind of dig it. Burns well too! 🀩