Today we saw what we came here to see, history being made. Lance crossed the finish line on the Champs Elysees this afternoon to become the first person in the history of cycling to win six tour victories. We really wanted to make the Tour de France trip this year on the chance that this may happen. I was skeptical, but was proven very wrong with Lance’s commanding victory this year.

We had to leave early from Beaune and get back on the bus for the trip to Paris. The stage was the most attended by far. People were eight deep along the barricades on the Champs. Tammy and I tried to find a good spot but were unable to get situated really well. We ended up walking a few kilometers and got off of the Champs to a point where we could at least see over the barricades.

There was a break in the group but the peloton caught them. The speed of the group was incredible.