Minnesota United v. Sporting KC

Mazie and I closing out the MN United ⚽️ home season!

MNUFC!!! ⚽️ MNUFC!!! ⚽️ MNUFC!!! ⚽️

MNUFC corner kick — scarves flying! ⚽️

Huge applause 👏🏻 for the 4-time WNBA Champion Minnesota Lynx 🏀 at MN United ⚽️ halftime!

Sold out game for MN United tonight! ⚽️ North rising!

⚽️ Yellow team! You need some help! 😡😡😡

GOAL!!! 🥅⚽️ MNUFC!!! 1-1

Despite the refs best attempts MNUFC pulled out a 1-1 tie. ⚽️👏🏻

Thank you for a great inaugural MLS season MN United! ⚽️ We’ll be back next year! 👏🏻

See you on the pitch next year! ⚽️👏🏻⚽️👏🏻⚽️

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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