This sales data is remarkable. From our municipal liquor store…

Edina Liquor
The three Edina Liquor stores were closed at 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 17. We moved all sales to our online portal and home delivery service. On Wednesday, we generated $8,300 in revenue. For perspective, that is $403.00 more than an average Wednesday operating with three retail locations during the same time frame. We ended the day on Wednesday with close to 200 online orders and over $20,000 in revenue – again, in line with an average Wednesday with three open stores. Based on our sales data over the past 10 days, if we maintain the current delivery volume through the month of March, Edina Liquor will exceed our growth target of 3.5 percent year over year and essentially be unharmed by this closure.

Local transformations are going to happen at a blinding pace as we go through the Covid-19 pandemic.