Mount Your iPhone While Flying

Ever since I’ve gotten my iPhone I now have a new routine before I travel. I make sure to sync the iPhone with iTunes and get all the most recent episodes of podcasts, and maybe a movie and some TV shows while I’m at it. Since the iPhone is my all-in-one device, it’s great to be able to load up so much content on it and head to the airport.

The iPhone is a superb device to watch video on. The screen is bright and large enough to enjoy the show. Unfortunately, all is not perfect. You really cannot expect to hold your iPhone for an hour while you watch a show on a flight.

The first part of this problem is that the iPhone itself is aluminum and thus relatively slippery. I have the incase cover for my phone that is nice and grippy and I found that I could prop my iPhone on my tray by placing something behind it. This worked okay, but resulted in looking down at the seat tray for a long time, and some neck pain to go along with that. So I pondered this for a while and came up with an alternative.

I got all MacGuyver on this one. The ideal scenario is to have the screen right at the headrest of the person in front of you. How to do that? Two rubber bands and two safety pins later and the problem is solved.

If you don’t have the Incase cover you can just make the rubber bands tighter to hold it in place. You’ll want to make sure and get the safety pins fairly level. After mounting, this worked great!

Fire up a movie, recline and enjoy!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

This work by Jamie Thingelstad
is licensed under a Creative Commons
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