I was pretty anxious about today. Today was the day that we did the hike along the Cliffs of Moher.

First of all, I’m fairly scared of heights. Going to the top of tall buildings is not something I look forward to. Being on very tall things with a lot of wind makes me just more uncomfortable. And then you add people that I love to the mix and I’m just a ball of nerves. We did a cliff walk in Ballybunion and that got me spooked a bit and I knew that was beginner level for the heights that we would get on the Cliffs of Moher.

The plus was that we were going with Pat Sweeney of Doolin Cliff Walks. Pat has grown up in this area and he was instrumental in this cliff walk even coming about. He worked with all the farmers that own the land along the way to get hiking routes through and make this a reality for the last 14 years. Pat was calm and confident, but also realistic. He stopped a couple of times along the first half of the hike to remind us of safety and being careful. He shared that accidents do happen on the cliffs. Every year there are people that fall off. Some for doing things that they really shouldn’t be doing. Others because an accident happens. At one of the stops he shared that just four weeks prior a college girl traveling with three friends fell off the cliff. There was flooding on the trail. So they got on the grass edge to avoid the water, which was probably fine. But then there was an oncoming group and she stepped aside to let them go through and lost her footing.

In fairness I know people fall into the Grand Canyon every year and you should always be aware and cautious in places like this. So, that is what I focused on. That and keeping myself firmly in the right place on the trail. The kids were kind to me and realized I was anxious and they did a great job. Tammy was helpful too. In the end, we did it and it was an incredible day with amazing views. All while sometimes just a few feet away from a 600 foot drop. 😬

The walk started very close to the cottage that we are staying in, just down the road. The first stop was to take a moment to take in the area and see Doonagore Castle and appreciate the stone bridge we were walking over that was over 300 years old. The cottage that we are staying in is actually connected with Doonagore Castle and only became an Airbnb recently.

Auto-generated description: A group of people is gathered around a man giving a presentation in front of an informational sign outdoors, with a stone wall and grassy field in the background. Auto-generated description: A small stone bridge spans over a narrow creek with a solitary tower standing on a grassy hill in the background under a cloudy sky. Auto-generated description: A stone bridge is surrounded by lush green grass and wildflowers under a partly cloudy sky, with a few people standing on it.

We passed through and along many farms as we went along the coast.

Auto-generated description: A group of horses grazes peacefully on a lush, green hillside under a partly cloudy sky, with houses visible in the distance.

After rising about 150 feet above the ocean the views become more stunning.

Auto-generated description: A rugged coastline with dramatic cliffs and a grassy landscape overlooks a vast, turbulent sea. Auto-generated description: A group of people is walking along a grassy coastal path with the sea and blue sky in the background.

There were some stones laid as bridges across streams. Pat commented that this particular stone crossing had been washed out twice by the ocean in the last 10 years.

Auto-generated description: A group of people are walking on a trail through a grassy landscape with stone steps and a bridge on a bright, partly cloudy day.

Our first true view of the cliffs.

Auto-generated description: A dramatic cliffside meets the expansive ocean under a clear blue sky, with waves crashing against the rocky shore.

There is always wind on this trail.

Auto-generated description: Four people are standing together on a grassy area near a cliff with the ocean in the background. Auto-generated description: A coastal cliff with lush green grass overlooks a vast blue ocean under a clear sky. Auto-generated description: A coastal scene showcases dramatic cliffs plunging into the ocean with waves gently crashing against the rocky shore, under a partly cloudy sky.

The “peak” on the left is the highest point we reach as we make our way along the cliffs.

Auto-generated description: Majestic sea cliffs, covered in lush green grass, rise dramatically above the ocean, with rocky outcrops and a faint blue sky in the backdrop. Auto-generated description: A majestic coastal cliff with layered rock formations overlooks a serene shoreline and vibrant blue sea under a clear sky.

Another warning sign of the extreme danger along the cliffs.

Auto-generated description: A group of people are gathered outdoors on a rocky path near a cliff, with one person holding a sign warning about dangers.

Here we are at the fort after we completed our hike.

Auto-generated description: A family of four stands smiling in front of a circular stone tower on a sunny day.

The cliffs continue to go along the coastline. You could keep walking for the whole day.

Auto-generated description: A stunning coastal landscape features dramatic cliffs, lush green grass, and a vast, calm ocean under a clear blue sky.