I had a good time learning new topics and connecting with other technology leaders at the MnTech Tech Connect event today.

My sessions:

  • Technological Disruption: A Futurist’s Perspective with Matt Versaggi
  • Exploring OpenAI: Practical Applications for Real-World Problem Solving with Nick Kwicien
  • The Art of Personalization wtih AI/ML: Optimizing Conversion by Showing Customers What They Want with Matt Yates and Max Lindquist
  • Empowering Our Future Through Science with Dr. Jayshree Seth
  • Cybersecurity State of the Union 2023 with Aaron Warner
  • The Future Fit Digital Organization: What Does the Data Say? with Charles Betz
  • Driving Business Success Through Innovation and Technology panel with Steve Arsenault, David Bingenheimer, David Black, Chris Chapman, and Julie Durham facilitated by Jeff Tollefson