We’ve been thinking about getting a dog for awhile. We figured we would get one sometime after we had kids, since a dog does make travel a bit harder, and hey, so do kids so why not really make it hard! :-) (She’s the one on the left in the 2nd picture, and the right in the 3rd picture.)

Mazie loves dogs. She likes cats as well, and enjoys attempting to smother Logan on a regular basis. Gypsie is more of a flight risk, and rarely does Mazie get to have her way with her. However, Mazie is a big fan of Rusty, Grandpa and Grandma’s dog, and Louie, Aunt Angie and Uncle Max’s dog.

I’ve never owned a dog but have flirted with the idea many times. Tammy’s folks have always had one. It’s a bit of a leap, but today we officially became dog owners (well, at least next Wednesday we will be).

Tammy has been scouting the adoption sites for a good pup. We wanted to adopt a dog, since there are so many (really, that many) dogs that need homes. She found a couple in recent weeks that she really liked but they were adopted instantly. Last night she found one online, made a long drive today to meet her and it was an instant match.

She’s a terrier-poodle cross. We’ll get her on Wednesday. I’m really excited, and need to learn a lot about dogs.