We took the ferry to Inis Mór to explore the island today. We rented e-bikes from Aran Bike Rental and took off from the port to check things out. We took the more casual green route for our riding.

Auto-generated description: A group of people wearing helmets are riding bicycles on a narrow road with greenery on both sides, with one person taking a selfie from the front.

Our first stop was at the Seal Colony. There were a few seals out relaxing on the rocks.

Auto-generated description: A person in a yellow jacket stands on a rocky shoreline, looking out at the expansive sea under a cloudy sky.

After that there was this unofficial stop where there were a bunch of cairns that people had created — including one giant one.

We took the bikes as far as we could and parked them at visitor center for Dún Aonghasa. After purchasing a family pass we hiked up to the ruins.

Auto-generated description: A group of people is hiking along a path surrounded by rocky terrain and greenery under a cloudy sky. Auto-generated description: A rocky cliff overlooks a calm ocean under a cloudy sky.

After getting our fill we hiked down and shopped at Aran Sweater Market. Mazie, Tammy, Jamie got sweaters and Jamie got a hat.

Auto-generated description: A market stall is displaying various sweaters and garments on tables, with additional clothing hanging on the walls and racks inside a building, and a Price Sale sign visible.

Got crêpes from food trailer. Delicious. We then decided to take off and retrieve bikes from bike park and Jamie dropped his bike with the chain dropping off the front gear. This took us a while to get remedied since the chain and gearing was in a fender and the cogs were very worn down. Eventually Jamie got it on and then had to wash the grease off of his hands for a very long time.

After resolving the chain issue we rode up the island to the Seven Churches.

Ride back down to the Kilmurvey Beach for a very brief stop for Mazie to run in the sand.

Somewhat quickly ride back to get to Joe Watty’s Bar & Restaurant for Jamie to have a pub lunch. Beef stew and a half-pint of Guinness hit the spot!

Return bikes to rental spot. Wait in line to get back on ferry, take ferry back.

Map of our day with pins on the various stops we made.