Minnebar 10

Minnebar session 1 was great sleep improvement session with Dan Grigsby.

Minnebar session 2 on Polyglot Persistence discussing NoSQL tech.

At Minnebar and have LTE? Turn off your WiFi so those that need WiFi can use it reliably.

Giving my 17th Minnebar session today. t.co/dMjascCEH…

Minnebar session 3 How to Encrypt Your Personal Communication with @colin_bartol

Fun conversation at lunch about privacy tech and encryption. Only at Minnebar!

Spotted Matthew Dornquast at Minnebar! <wave \/>

Minnebar session 4 What Smart Watches mean for Mobile with @mikebollinger

Smart Watch Minnebar session is packed. t.co/5I7mrNL6D…

Very thought provoking talk from @mikebollinger at Minnebar on Smart Watch design.

I’m presenting Minnebar 10 on Minnebar now! Learn room.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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