Caribbean Vacation Day 1

Got into San Juan at 4:00p. Got sent to the El San Juan hotel instead of the Old San Juan hotel, figured out where I was and got that taken care of. Got to the right hotel and decided to take a walk around the local area. Nice area, our dock for the cruise is about a block away. San Juan is an interesting town. The roads are just lined with cars back-to-back, going about 5 mph. The sides of San Juan are really interesting because of the war remnants of the walls and such.

Came back to the hotel and found out that blackjack is a lot like the stock market, you can go down really fast and it takes a long time to get caught back up. Started at $100, got to $170, left with $35. How did that happen?

Taking it easy tonight after transferring today’s photos over. Watching some television getting ready for tomorrow.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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