Tonight Tammy and I saw Gabe Mollica perform Solo: A Show About Friendship at the Parkway Theater.

First Ben Katzner opened things up. Katzner recently moved to Minneapolis from New York. Katzner. He also had dinner at Creekside Supper Club right before the show because we ran into him at the front door as we were going in for dinner. I liked his comedy.

Then Mollica took the stage for his show. It was one epic story connecting many smaller stories together all about his bros. I don’t know if it is fair to compare Mollica to Mike Birbiglia but the style is similar. We enjoyed the highs and lows and many good laughs along the way.

Towards the last part of the show Mollica shares that part of this story is told on This American Life 810: Say It To My Face. At that point Tammy realizes that she had heard that episode and a bunch of dots were connected for her.

Very good evening. Shame the theater wasn’t sold out.