The Mainnet Merge Paint Party was one of the fun events to celebrate the Ethereum Merge in September, and I put some pixels down and put “Thing” on that canvas to be memorialized forever. At the time there was a comment of being able to mint an NFT from the canvas, but it wasn’t ready yet. I recently stumbled onto the new and improved POAP Art website and saw that the mint feature was now live!

I minted the 12th lapse and now have my own NFT that is a animated zoom of just the area of the POAP Canvas that my name is in. You can see that I had to defend my pixels through the night.

If you look closely you’ll also see an “HF” in red. That is Hector’s pixels that he placed and then I defended, and eventually moved, to keep them in the final.

I also have my Mainnet Merge Canvas Pixel Placer POAP token as well. 🀩

What a great way to remember such a historic event, and mark “I was here!”