iPhone Screen Broken

On Thursday of this week I experienced a disaster. I got a phone call and while taking my iPhone out of my pocket it slipped and I fumbled it ever so oddly, culminating in it hitting the plastic arm of the chair I was sitting in. I flipped it around and to my horror the glass had cracked!

The image above is not my phone. I was not able to get a picture of it. The image is from GeckoAndFly.com under the Creative Commons license. See the post where this picture originated.

It was really odd. I had dropped my iPhone before, and in much worse situations, and everything was fine. This was a minor hit, and on a plastic surface no less. I think the issue was that it hit exactly where the cutout for the speaker is, on one of the corners. It would make sense that this would be one of the weaker points in the glass. Same exact hit that is in the picture above.

Distraught at my lack of a perfect iPhone (it worked fine with the broken glass BTW) I headed to the Apple Store. I wasn’t optimistic that it would be replaced gratis. Upon arriving my assumptions were proven out. Apple replaced it with a “replacement only” unit that cost $249. A big $50 savings off of a brand new unit, and you have to immediately hand over your broken unit (hence no picture). The money aside, the replacement was flawless. I came home, docked it, and iTunes quickly restored exactly as my previously broken one was.

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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