Switzerland & Italy Log - Day 4

    Weather: Hot and sunny in the morning. Day cooled off a bit and was nicer in the mountains. Evening cool.

    • Jamie realizes that he has lost his wallet and that sort of sucks a bunch.
    • Breakfast.
    • Jamie asks front desk person to see if they can help with locating wallet. They have some ideas.
    • Dave, one of our guides, attempts to find Jamie’s lost wallet by going back to the train station at Ardez. Sadly no luck.
    • We take off for todays hike up to Piz Buin.
    • Everyone else hikes down on the service road, Jamie takes a mountain scooter and has a blast.
    • Jamie gets back early and decides wallet search is over. It is lost, time to move on.
    • Tammy and Mazie explore the town and Tammy has an amazing find! šŸ¤©
    • Cold therapy for our tired feet.
    • Nice dinner at Meisser Hotel.
    • Cool evening back in the room, getting ready for an earlier morning tomorrow.

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    My son Tyler has debated blogging for a long time, and today he asked me to set him up. He just wrote his first post. Proud papa!

    Switzerland & Italy Log - Day 0

    Weather: Very nice warm day.

    • Lyft to MSP. Super nice driver.
    • Cheeseburgers at Shake Shack. šŸ”šŸ”šŸ” Mazie got a quesadilla somewhere else.
    • DL162 to Amsterdam departing at 7:50pm.
    • Change to Central European Time, ahead 7 hours.

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    Needed two more sets of hiking poles for our trip to Switzerland. Tyler and I went to REI and after consulting with the hiker in the store decided on LEKI sticks. I got the Makalu Cork Lite and he got the Lhasa.

    We had a fun night at the Dude Perfect Panda-monium show tonight. Tyler and I went to the 2021 and this show followed the same structure.

    I’m digging this new Alabaster Chess Set from Scali Alabastro that I got for Father’s Day. Tyler and I have already played a game on it. I’ve always wanted a more substantial chess set and this is it.

    Mazie's Surprise Carnival

    To celebrate Mazie’s 18th birthday and graduating from high school Tammy had a brilliant idea ā€” surprise Mazie with a Carnival! Set up several games to play and earn tickets to put toward prizes, along with three raffles! Ring Toss, Bean Bags, Musical Chairs, Duck Pick, and more. Add to that a giant bouncy house, photo booth, an Ice Cream truck with all the fixings, airbrush tattoos and balloon artist and you have an awesome time for all! The secret held too ā€” Mazie had no idea what was up. We left for a long picnic at Lake Harriet at 4pm and when we returned to a giant SURPRISE at 7pm it was the greatest!

    Mazie Turns 18

    Today we celebrated Mazie’s 18th Birthday! Both of the kids are out of school, and I took the day off, so we were able to make the day extra special for Mazie.

    Tammy had the awesome idea of reliving each of Mazie’s 17 preceding birthdays! She wrote out a brief remembrance of each birthday event, along with a few photos from that year. Some of the years also revisited a gift she got from that year. It was awesome.

    Highlights of the day included a morning visit to Shady Oak Beach, lunch at Yum! for her kid favorite of Mac & Cheese, a revisit of the Mad Tea Party at Zero Hour Escape Rooms that she did a few years ago with friends on her birthday, a new version of the Instax instant camera, and much more.

    It was an incredible day with incredible memories ā€” old and new!

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    Mazie’s High School Graduation today! It’s official!

    Apple Vision Pro Reactions

    We all watched the Apple Vision Pro segment of WWDC tonight. I wanted to watch it again, and I was curious to see what the rest of the family would think.

    Tammy: “Looks cool but scared of where it takes us.”
    Mazie: “Exciting, extremely cool, but destructive to humankind.”
    Tyler: “Wow. I want to try it.”
    Jamie: “When can I get one?”

    Chess game with Tyler tonight. We both made a couple of major blunders, but he forced me to resign (I was black) and won the match. ā™Ÿļø

    Edina Art Fair 2023

    We endured the very hot afternoon and visited the Edina Art Fair. This is one of our favorite art fairs every year. Some of the artists that caught our eye while we were there:

    • Mark Eliason: These graphic pieces captivated me right away. The “John Wick” one had me staring at the detail for a long while.
    • Neil Russell: Abstract art with intense colors and very pronounced textures.
    • Wired by Bud: These wire sculptures were cool and made us all smile.
    • Wenwen Liao: Incredibly artwork with cool scenes that sparked the imagination.
    • Roth Illustration: These pieces were impressive and I loved how the people and shapes blended in with the wood and the scene.
    • Bloom Key Papercrafts: These were really cool but hard to display as they are lit frames and that is difficult to show in the bright sunlight of an art fair. The scenes were really great and the lighting effects were well done.
    • Barret Lee: I liked these paintings a lot.
    • Faith Mebli: The organic look of the wood carvings that Mebli does is incredible. She had an Octopus that was at least five feet tall and incredibly eye catching.
    • Carla Bank: Tammy and I were both very taken with Bank’s work, particularly the Blackbird piece. We really enjoyed all of her work.
    • Hardwood Music Company: These make such cool and rich sounds, and they look amazing.
    • Brian Schmidt: Mazie bought some prints of Schmidt’s last year and his style is very cool, the scenes suck you in.
    • Andrew Carson: We’ve had a windmill from Andrew Carson for years and love it. We stopped by his section hoping to say Hello as he announced he is retiring shortly. I particularly find his kinetic sculptures fascinating!
    • Tiny People Big Laughs: This is a regular at the art fair and the scenes with miniature people are always great.
    • Naomi Tiry Salgado: The detail and scenes in these oil paintings were both modern and classic at the same time.
    • A. D. Hogan: His National Parks Collection really struck a chord with me. I loved the style and bold look. Plus Iā€™m a big fan of the National Parks.

    Past years: 2004, 2014, 2019, and 2022.

    Today was Mazie’s last day of High School! šŸŽ‰ I took her out for our “last” last-day-of-school breakfast at Sun Street Breads before dropping her off at Washburn, and Mom welcomed her home with flowers to celebrate. šŸ‘©ā€šŸŽ“

    Levi and Tyler ran around after the Minnesota United game and collected signatures from: Bongokuhle Hlongwane (21), Sang Bin Jeong (11), Kervin Arriaga (33), and Joseph Rosales (8). They had an awesome time and the players were great! šŸ‘āš½ļø

    Did 10 stair repeats on our walk tonight. 320 steps. Also breaking in new boots for our hiking trip this summer. šŸ„¾ Tammy joined me and Mazie decided to run them many, many times. šŸ˜…

    Tyler started playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom tonight and the intro was great. Iā€™m not a gamer, but the story and world of Zelda is great.

    Tyler got to perform as part of the MN Statewide Honors Choir today. It was a lot of work but he enjoyed being part of it and the perfermance was great.

    Mazie gave a short recital at B&H Photo Video.

    Tyler and I talked up Harry Potter and the Cursed Child enough that with Tammy and Mazie along this time we decided to go again!

    Mazie and Tyler lit prayer candles for my Grandpa Ardell and Grandma Rose at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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