Blog posts that I have from different annual events that we have at SPS. Some years I didn’t blog about, but the ones I did are all linked here.

Growth Summit

This annual event brings all of TeamSPS together to celebrate success and share the plan for the year ahead.

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Tech Summit

This annual event is where the Technology team shares the operating plan, connections to strategic initiatives, and how various roadmaps will guide our future.

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  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2015 (was called Product Platform event)
  • 2014 (was called Product Platform event)
  • 2013 (was called Platform event, first time ever that technology and product had an annual event)

Sales Kickoff

This annual event is where our sales team gathers to learn what is needed for a successful year ahead, celebrate their accomplishments, and connect as a team.

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This annual event is where we connect as a community of technologists to explore and learn about new capabilities, solutions, and tools.

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Kubb Tournament

We host an annual event, primarily for the Technology team, to get together and play Kubb together. It is always a fun time, and a way to create new connections across the team. The Kubb games at the 2016 and 2017 TechJam events were the genesis of having a standalone Kubb event.

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Pi Day

We have a tradition to celebrate π Day every year with slices of pie for everyone on March 14th at 3:14 pm!

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