July 4, 2011

Epic Fourth of July!

Today was the best Independence Day in memory. The day started early.

To top that off we even had an impromptu visit from Grandma Rosalin that involved coloring.

Mazie said everything today was her favorite thing. :-)

Mazie Tyler Family
July 3, 2011

T-Rexing a Donut

Turns out that Tyler likes donuts! :-)

Tyler Dear Diary
July 3, 2011

Bubble Jack

I had a chance to try the Rush River Bubble Jack IPA tonight at Cheeky Monkey Deli in St. Paul. Actually had a 2nd pint on the patio. Highly recommended for a summer evening.

Beer Dear Diary
July 2, 2011

Remodel Update Week 4

The destruction in the yard slowed in week four and the destruction in the basement accelerated. Outside we got our new egress window wells poured and the dirt around them is mostly filled back in. The foundation for the new mudroom is in place as well. The yard is still a muddy, rutted mess but at least we don’t have six-foot deep holes that people can fall in. I also can now take the lawnmower from the garage to the front of the house without walking through the alley and around the block on the sidewalk. It’s the little things!

The basement is a disaster zone however. The stairs got cut off half way down. I put a ladder at the end so I could get down and take pictures. The half of the floor being lowered has been broken up, hauled out and the dirt dug down. The half that isn’t being lowered has been cut out for the drain tile installation around the basement wall. The plumbers were here for two days rerouting plumbing to accommodate the various changes.

Next week framing starts and the new floor in the basement gets poured. I’m thinking this is maybe the ugliest it will look. :-)

Morgan Remodel 2011 Dear Diary
June 30, 2011

Dirt Conveyor

If you need to take seven inches of dirt out of a basement floor, it is best to have a cool portable conveyor belt. [video width=“720” height=“406” mp4=“http://thingelstad.com/wp-content/thingelstad/uploads/2011/06/20110630-064429.mp4][/video]

You can see this laying on the floor in yesterdays shot of the basement.

Morgan Remodel 2011 Remodel Dear Diary
June 30, 2011

Cupcake Surprise

We got a pleasant surprise at the office today with the delivery of some delicious cupcakes from Wuollet Bakery.

Dear Diary