November 15, 2008


Lately Mazie has really been into letters and trying to figure out what letter a word starts with. For example, she’s figured out that Mazie starts with an M”, Apple starts with an A”, etc.

Today she declared that eyebrow starts with an I”. Tammy explained to her that while eyebrow does sound like an i, it is really an e, and that sometimes words are a little tricky. I suggested that if Apple were to describe eyebrows they may in fact start with an i.


Apple Mazie Dear Diary
November 6, 2008

Contribution to High Resolution Album Art

I’m a big fan of high resolution album art. It improves the overall music experience for me. I like having a high-quality album cover while listening to Apple TV. It’s a must for cover flow in iTunes. I recently went through and tried to close to 100% coverage of album art, which meant scanning some covers that I just couldn’t find anywhere on the Internet. I figured I should share that work, so that others can more easily put the right art on their music. Here are 11 covers all at 1,600 by 1,600 pixels that I scanned for my collection.

November 5, 2008

Mazie’s 2008 School Picture

Mazie’s 2008 school picture just came in. Here is Daddy’s little girl. Last years scowl seems entirely gone.


Mazie Family
November 5, 2008

Double Espresso

Just had one of those coffee shop experiences that drive me crazy.

barista: Hello! What would you like today?

me: Double Espresso please.

batista: Ah, what exactly do you mean by a double espresso.

I mean really? What is hard about this?

And then, just to highlight how uncoffee they are, the smallest ceramic mug is a 12 oz. coffee cup. Oh the humanity of it all. :-)

Coffee Dear Diary
November 4, 2008

Mazie and Mom at Yum

Mazie and Tammy being ridiculously cute at lunch today.

Mazie Tammy Dear Diary
November 4, 2008

I Voted, 2008!

I got out and placed ballot #382 this morning around 8:30 am. Contrary to what I’ve heard in many precincts there was almost no line and I was able to walk in and out in about 10 minutes. I talked to my mother who said it took her about an hour and she had to stand in lines over a hundred people long. There was a longer line in 2006, but I also voted right at poll opening that day with ballot #37.


Dear Diary