Escape Rooms

Here is a list of escape rooms that we’ve done.

  • room: The Library name: Trapped Puzzle Rooms location: Minneapolis, MN date: 7/2016

  • room: The Maine Room name: Maine Escape Games location: Portland, ME date: 8/2016

  • room: Dupree’s Office name: Escape MSP location: Minneapolis, MN date: 8/2016

  • room: The Bunker name: Fox in the Box location: Chicago, IL date: 10/2016

  • room: James Bond Room β€œAgency” name: Escape the Room location: Minneapolis, MN date: 12/2016

  • room: The Zen Room name: Clue Pursuit location: Springfield, MO date: 12/2016

  • room: Ivan’s Will name: Kato Escape location: Mankato, MN date: 1/2017

  • room: Barber Shop time: 57:10 name: Grand Haven Room Escape location: Grand Haven, MI date: 6/2017

  • room: The Oval-ish Office name: St. Louis Room location: St. Louis, Missouri date: 8/2017

  • room: A Very Potter Escape Room url: time: 54:00 finished: true name: Trapped Puzzle Room location: St. Paul, MN date: 12/2017

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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