Punk Rock Candle

    When we make candles we measure out all the wax and scent, and then measure again as you pour into the various vessels. There is usually a little bit of wax left in the melting pot on each batch and we usually pour that into a potpourri candle, little bits at a time.

    We were making candles recently and I had no jars to fill, but we still had the leftover bits of wax from each batch. We also had a bunch of wood wick trimmings laying around. So I decided to embrace the Punk Rock ethos and make a Punk Rock Candle. 🀘

    Vessel? I have tinfoil. Wicks? I have these trimmings from other candles. Scent? Whatever. Came out about 8” wide with three 3/4” wood wicks.

    I kind of dig it. Burns well too! 🀩

    Our family is hosting our first Things 4 Good Fall Fundraiser! We’ll be raising money for four good causes by selling Wicky Thing Candles, Jiggy Thing Puzzles, and some additional surprises! Great for presents or home!

    We made some more Wicky Thing Candles this morning. πŸ•―

    Mazie’s job was cutting down wax for the melting pots. She had some fun with the wax while doing it. 🀩

    Tammy made a themed scavenger hunt / puzzle for Olson Family Vacation 18. One clue for each year. Everyone had to think hard. Each family won a custom Wicky Thing candle when they discovered the answer, and presents for the kids.

    Made some random candles tonight testing some scent levels and different burns. πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ”¬πŸ•―

    Getting ready for our biggest Wicky Thing candle project! 110 lbs of soy wax. 144 vessels. 🀩 Lots of Wooden Wick boxes.

    Making some more Wicky Thing Candles tonight. All candles made with πŸ”₯ and ❀️. 😊

    Candle Making, Take Two

    I had a redo of candle making today. I messed up the first attempt. I did the fragrance all wrong and added about 20x more of it than I should have. And to make matters worse, the fragrance I chose made me nauseous and gave me a terrible headache. I had to put the candles outside to feel better. Today I took a knife and cut out all the wax from the vessels, and threw the stinky stuff away. Take two with a different fragrance at a much lower dose! So far they are great. Will light them tomorrow. πŸ•―

    Made my first try making candles. Wood wicks, soy wax. Pretty easy, but not a big fan of the scent I used. Maybe scent-free is the right option.

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