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In addition to my bio here are some fun facts. You may also find my now page interesting.


  • I work at SPS Commerce where I lead the technology team. SPS helps retailers and suppliers track their inventory, purchase orders and all manner of transactions in their supply chain. It sounds dry, but it has huge scale which makes it an interesting challenge and its crticitally important to our partners which makes it fast-paced. SPS is a publically traded company (NASDAQ:SPSC) in Minneapolis.
  • My career started around the time that the Internet got popular where I helped build a company called BigCharts. It was the first stock charting application on the Internet and was part of every newly-minted investor’s life in the early 00’s. BigCharts got bought by MarketWatch which got bought by Dow Jones and through all those transitions I lead different technology teams. I really loved working in media and finance because it was so dynamic and the technology problems are critical and challenging! As an aside, when I was in middle-school I got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal and made my own stock charts on graph paper. It was fun to then build a company that did that same thing!
  • I’m a focused practitioner of the Getting Things Done methodology and am focused on it as a lifelong skill to continually improve my productivity but even more important to give me the mental space and clarity to focus on what I want to focus on at any time.

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  • I’m an amateur photographer and continue to explore a variety of photography types using both mobile and DSLR cameras.
  • I’m a fan of the lawn game Kubb and play on the Kubbchucks. Together with a friend of mine, we created the very first scoring & notation system for Kubb so that games can be recorded like a baseball box score. Here is an example of a game-winning turn 3ir 2f f - b b K!
  • I once created a fun travel game about identifying mathematical relationships in the numbers that appear on road signs, called Road Sign Math! I launched a website to share the signs and had 30 people submit over 250 road signs from every continent in the world!
  • I’m more Star Trek than Star Wars, and more R.E.M. than U2. But confusingly I’m more Coldplay than Radiohead. I’m a very big music fan and enjoy nearly all genres, but particularly like Americana and Electronica. If I have a big project to get done, I will usually listen to Beethovens Symphonies.
  • I’m a member of a very cool book club. We read books about science, technology, psychology and a wide variety of other topics. We get together about monthly and dive deep into the book for at least an hour. It’s very intellectually stimulating.


  • I once created a wiki to track thousands of global wikis and store the number of users, pages, edit and files over time. It records the extensions used and is the most comprehensive data system of the wiki ecosystem. The project, called WikiApiary, is still being run by people in the MediaWiki team.
  • I publish a weekly newsletter called the Weekly Thing, playing on my last name. It’s a mix of “things” that I’m reading, interesting links, trend-watching, my amateur photography, app recommendations, etc.
  • I’ve been an active blogger since 2004. I’ve been microblogging via Twitter and my websites since 2006. My link blog goes back to 2005. I think about the Internet and our use of it over decades and am focused on preserving the personal and non-commercial parts of the Internet as well as the corporate and governmental parts. I’m a long-time supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons and Internet Archive as well as other organizations that work on this.
  • I’m a board member of Minnestar and work hard to support the Twin Cities technology ecosystem. I’ve been to every Minnebar event and have presented at many of them.
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