Word Lists

Trying to sound smart

  • Utilized: Is there ever a case where “used” is insufficient?

Terrible words from business

Please, please don’t use these. Try suggested alternative, or just leave it.

  • Glocal: Gross merging of global and local. Used to imply a solution or strategy that does both.
  • Rightshore: concept of moving work to where it should be done.
  • ”Double Click”: this term is used almost exclusively by consultants to imply diving deeper on a topic.

Just skip these

These are words that I dislike for no good reason.

  • Mani-Pedi: no, just no.
  • Dadchelor: is Instagram speak a thing?
  • Hoodie Footie: really, no, just stop.
  • Bromance: Don’t bro-anything
  • Bruise: Just don’t like the sound.
  • Tippy Toes: Fine if used for kids, not for adults.
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