1972 Dodge 3/4 ton pickup

First vehicle that was ever mine. Bought it for $100. It was a beater but had the 318 engine that was easy to work on, which was goos since it used more oil than gas. I replaced the head gaskets and rebuilt the drum brakes. I never had a driver license while I had this, just a learners permit

1962 Ford Falcon

This had the classic “three on the tree” manual transmission. It would routinely get stuck in 1st and 3rd gear at the same time and you would have to open the hood and manual reset the gearbox to neutral. The shifting mechanism was held together with cotter pins and I learned the hard way to always have a bag of extra pins in the glovebox.

1982 Chevy Luv (converted to propane)

First reliable vehicle I had. It was converted to propane only, which was pretty cool with only a couple of issues. It burned very clean, and only needed to fill up propane every 1,500 miles. But I ran out of propane multiple times since there was no gauge.

Chevy Citation II

Worse car I ever had. Did not have an operating fan, so when you were stopped at a stoplight you had to turn the engine off or it would overheat.

Chevy S10 Pickup

First brand new vehicle I ever got. Not sure why I got Teal color. It was a great little pickup.

BMW 540i Sport

This was a rocketship of a car. You could cruise along at 130 mph and feel completely in control. Made me a BMW fan. This care was a 30-month lease, and I ended up getting significant hail damage on a road trip so I was happy to turn it back in. The body panels were never right after the hail repair.

Audi A6 Quatro Wagon

Honda Odyssey

Honda Pilot

Mini Cooper S

Tesla Model 3

Mazda CX-9

2024 Tesla Model Y