This year we have booked a cabin for Halloween weekend in Oct 29 - Nov 1 just east of Mankato. As far as I know this weekend worked for everyone, but please let me know as we can change/cancel this before Sept for free. This looks like a great place and it’s wheelchair accessible!

So to start getting into the spooky theme, let’s talk costumes for our Saturday night Halloween party. I think that each family should choose a family theme - be it a moving, era, tv show, etc and then have everyone in the family have a costume with the theme. Some idea’s would be Adams Family, Princess Bride, Star Wars, Game of Thrones. I think it will make some great pictures.

  • Each family should choose a costume theme, there may even be prizes for the best costumes.
  • Halloween activities for Saturday (these are ideas, if people have others we can add them in as well - Bob for apples - Carving pumpkins - Capture the flag in the dark - Trick or treating - have the kids find each group of adults and get treats - Making Halloween treats like caramel apples

See Olson Family Vacation collection.