September 14-18, 2012 Organized by Angie

We are excited to head to Aitkin, MN for the 9th Annual Olson Family Vacation in September! We are staying at the Aitkin Log Cabin Retreat.

Warning: There is no WiFi available at this destination. AT&T indicates best to good cellular coverage.

Meal Assignments

  • Friday dinner: Lundeen - Tacos
  • Saturday breakfast: Lundeen - Pancakes
  • Saturday lunch: Olson
  • Saturday dinner: Carry-out pizza from Rosallini’s
  • Sunday breakfast: Fernandez - Stuffed French Toast, Bacon, Eggs
  • Sunday lunch: Thingelstad
  • Sunday dinner: Daily
  • Monday breakfast: Lundeen - Eggs, Toast and Hash Browns


Plan for the weekend is just hanging out at the cabin with a loose schedule. Jamie wants to organize a Kubb tournament, Angie to organize a “crafternoon” for the ladies, the kids can swim in the lake if it’s reasonably warm, and if we have the boat up there, we can go fishing, tubing and waterskiing! Please bring any games (like Ticket to Ride) or other activities you’d like to do together. There is the Aitkin Beanery coffee shop that might be fun to check out and there is a Tradition’s mini golf place that also has water wars, batting cages and a shooting gallery about 20 minutes away.

See Olson Family Vacation collection.

traditions Mini-Golf

location: 46.362643,-93.776514