March 28, 2009

Yo-Yo Ma

I went looking for some nice music for this morning and wasn’t finding anything in my collection. I grabbed Yo-Yo Mas Bach: The Cello Suites album off of iTunes. It was a great choice.

iTunes Music
March 28, 2009


I was flipping through the March 14th copy of The Economist and ran across The final reel story. Fisher-Price is no longer going to make the View-Master. It was an odd article. I felt rather sad. I think because I distinctly remember as a little boy looking through my own View-Master and being amazed at the images and also completely obsessed trying to figure out how it worked. The experience continued this summer as Mazie enjoyed looking at her very own View-Master.

Going forward kids will only be able to get reels of animated characters and other licensed, copyrighted characters for the View-Master.

Mazie Dear Diary
March 27, 2009


Tammy and I watched Milk tonight. It was a great movie. The story of Harvey Milk is amazing. Great acting by Sean Penn.

Tammy Movies
March 24, 2009

Willie and the Wheel

I got this album about a week ago and have been really enjoying it. Willie Nelson. Texas Swing. You can’t go wrong!

March 24, 2009

My Robot Returns

I missed the 2 year birthday of my Twitter robot, Thinglesbot. He turned 2 on March 11. He was limping along though having lost connections to various sensors in the house and became a bit uninteresting. I finally took a little time tonight to get him wired up again.

Happily he now breaths Ruby with the Twitter4R library instead of Bash scripts and Curl. So much nicer to read. He still keeps everyone updated about the temperatures outside and inside the house. However, he now has a couple of new features that are just for fun. If you follow him you may get picked as his favorite follower some day, and he likes to share a favorite number, color or letter each day.

Thinglesbot’s followers fell off a lot when he went silent for months. We’ll see if they pick up again. He currently has 18 followers.


Welcome back!

Thinglesbot Twitter Web
March 21, 2009

Making waffles with Mazie

Mazie Family