Assembling the Weekly Thing
Overview of how I use automation to easily create the weekly thing.
Introducing the Weekly Thing
The launch of my new weekly newsletter, the Weekly Thing!
OmniFocus Tip: Using Context Notifications
Selectively notify yourself of important tasks in frequently used contexts.
Thinking in Decades
Deleting my Flickr account of over a decade before it gets transferred to Verizon. Why I feel it's important to own my content.
Turing Tumble on Kickstarter
Very cool logic game using mechanical computing from a former Professor at the University of Minnesota.
Speaker Suggestions
Three repeated anti-patterns that I see when speakers present.
Using Project Templates
An introduction to project templates and the areas that I have found them very useful.
Horseshoe Pits Completed!
Minnesota Original: Layne Kennedy
A Minnebar Ticketing Proposal
A proposal to better manage tickets to Minnebar and other free events.