Thinking in Decades
Deleting my Flickr account of over a decade before it gets transferred to Verizon. Why I feel it's important to own my content.
Turing Tumble on Kickstarter
Very cool logic game using mechanical computing from a former Professor at the University of Minnesota.
Speaker Suggestions
Three repeated anti-patterns that I see when speakers present.
Using Project Templates
An introduction to project templates and the areas that I have found them very useful.
Horseshoe Pits Completed!
Minnesota Original: Layne Kennedy
A Minnebar Ticketing Proposal
A proposal to better manage tickets to Minnebar and other free events.
Creativity Vampires
Flitting away the urge to express more meaningful thoughts.
Steve Wozniak at Augsburg College
A great chance to see Woz talk about how he got into technology and the early days of Apple.
Minnedemo 25 Recap
Seven great demos continuing to show the depth and breadth of the Twin Cities technology scene. Cooking by voice to trout fishing maps all in one event.