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2017 in Meetings
Analaysis of my 2017 calendar.
2017 in Links
Analysis of the 913 links I saved to various websites in 2017.
What apps make you better?
What apps do you have on your phone that are making you a better person?
Removed Google Analytics
Reasons for removing Google Analytics as the last tracking code I was using on my sites.
AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote Notes
Notes from the announcements at the Amazon Web Services 2017 Keynote
Envisioning a Cloud Native Wiki
What would a modern, cloud-native approach to re-energize the wiki movement look like?
Deer Strike
Ran into a deer crossing the road. Everyone was okay but shooken up. Not sure what happened to the deer.
Driving Change
Go for a ride with tech leaders to gain insights on their beliefs, habits, routines and influences.
Assembling the Weekly Thing
Overview of how I use automation to easily create the weekly thing.