Watching: I know I mentioned The Morning Show last week but we finished S1 and I thought it was incredibly good TV. Engaging, thought provoking, gripping story. I can’t wait for S2 to come out! (Updated Feb 5, 2020)

Eating: Tammy and I went to Kyatchi with friends this last week. It was the first time there and I loved the food. The oshizushi (pressed sushi) is phenomenal. 🍣 Also recommend the yakisoba hot dog. 🌭 They have a fabulous Old Fashioned too! 🤤 (Updated Jan 31, 2020)

Listening: I first heard Richard Inman at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2017. I bought two of his CDs at the festival, and was happy I did since at that time I couldn’t find is music on any of the online services. His music is simple and from the heart. His sound reminds me a bit of Kris Kristofferson. His new album, Hasta La Vista has been on heavy rotation, along with the rest of his recordings. 🎶 (Updated Jan 31, 2020)

Playing: I have always liked Tetris, and Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch is, in my opinion, now the best implementation of Tetris that I’ve played in year. The world of Tetris is difficult, since The Tetris Company is extremely aggressive with IP protection. Tetris 99, with the in-app purchase to enable Marathon mode, is delightful to play and has perfect control options. 🎮 (Updated Jan 31, 2020)

Reading: Poetry! A few months ago a colleague of mine, Juselly French, shared a poem with me, and I think that might be the first time that has happened. I read it, and something about that poem stuck in my head. I had searched for it, but could not find it, and I finally asked her if she remembered what it was. It was Harrowing by Parker J. Palmer. Something still hits me about that poem. Fast forward! → Shortly before Christmas I was having happy hour with Matt Norman. We were having an expansive conversation, one of those awesome talks that ranges far and wide. The topic of poetry came up and I commented that I haven’t really read poetry, but I have been thinking about it. Fast forward! → I mentioned poetry to Tammy, wondering if we had any. She pointed me to a book of poems by Jim Morrison that we have in our cabin, but that didn’t feel like the right place for me to start. To get me started, she put three books of poetry as part of my birthday present. I’m sampling from these, reading a poem here and there, and experimenting. I have Dumpty: The Age of Trump in Verse by John Lithgow, which is pretty funny. I Will Destroy You: Poems by Nick Flynn which I haven’t cracked open yet. 101 Famous Poems by Roy Cook which has a wide variety and seems classical. I also got a book in the mail, from Matt, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: A Poetry Anthology by Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade which I’m starting to dig into. Wish me well as I wander down this rabbit hole! 🕳 (Updated Jan 23, 2020)

Installing: The new MindNode 7.0 release on both macOS and iOS with some great new features like visual tags and additional styles. A well-timed release as I have been considering how to make better use of mind mapping. (Updated Jan 23, 2020)

Deleting: Any apps I don’t use regularly on my phone. (Updated Jan 12, 2020)

Cooking: (Updated Jan 12, 2020)

Buying: (Updated Jan 12, 2020)

Drinking: (Updated Jan 12, 2020)