• Shuttle to airport via Landline.
  • Dinner at Barrio in MSP Terminal 2.
  • Flight to Turks was delayed 2.5 hours due to storms over Florida.
  • Arrived in Provenciales.
  • Get White Villa rental car at airport.
  • Got to White Villas shortly after 10p.


  • Breakfast at Shay Cafe.
  • Browse shops by resorts.
  • Jamie got vacation hat at Goldsmith’s
  • Grocery stop at Graceway IGA.
  • Explored the White Villas.
  • Swimming at the Villa.
  • Hang out on Long Bay Beach.
  • Dinner at Mango Reef Restaurant.
  • Evening at Villa.


  • Morning massage at Villa for Jamie.
  • Tammy and Mazie took an adventurous walk.
  • Lunch at Hemingway’s at Sands Resort. Delicious Pina Coladas.
  • Shopping in stores around resorts. Blue was favorite.
  • Swimming at Villa.
  • Hang out on Long Bay Beach for sunset.
  • Late pizza dinner at Bella Luna.


  • Captain Jack full-day tour with Grace Bay Adventures
    • Snorkeling at Coral Gardens. Many turtles including Giant Turtles.
    • Toured the canals
    • Half moon bay
    • Iguana Island
    • Toured coastline
    • Lunch at Fort George Cay.
    • Snorkel at Barrier Reef. Saw two sharks!
    • Snorkel for Sand Dollars in Grace Bay.
  • Delicious dinner at Indigo.


  • Breakfast at Shay Cafe.
  • Pool time at Villa.
  • Tyler did homework. Made Pina Coladas. Tammy conference call.
  • Long Bay Beach to hang out. Tons of kite surfers.
  • Attempted dinner at Da Conch Shack but they were full.
  • Redirected pizza dinner at Bella Luna.


  • Breakfast at Somewhere Cafe.
  • Snorkel at Coral Gardens.
  • Ice Cream at Paddy’s Place.
  • Shopping. Tyler got turtle souvenir. Bought matching necklaces at Ately’s.
  • Returned to Coral Gardens, kids played in sand and water, adults had drinks at Somewhere Cafe.
  • Dinner at Cocovan.
  • Movie night at White Villas. Watch “The Adam Project” with Max and two other families on a gorgeous evening.


  • Sapodilla Beach.
    • Kyle was our Beach Concierge.
    • Rented an umbrella.
    • Kids played in sand.
    • Rented Jetski!
    • Drank coconut water out of freshly opened coconuts.
  • Lunch at Omar’s Beach Hut.
  • Returned to Villa.
  • Grace Bay beach for E-Foil lesson with Fly TCI!
  • Beach time during gorgeous sunset on Grace Bay.
  • Late dinner at Bay Bistro at Sand’s Resort.


  • Pack up and clean out of White Villa 1.
  • Get COVID tests at Seven Stars to clear for flight.
  • Churro stop at Cocovan. Delicious.
  • Return to White Villas Villa 2 to relax before evening flight.
  • Late lunch at Da Conch Shack.
  • Flight back home!