February 20, 2016

Spillo Wishlist

I’ve been using Spillo for about a week now and am finding it really great. Here is a quick wish list though that I would love to see added.

  1. Help with URL redirects. If you click on a bookmark in Spillo it shows the web page, great. However, if when Spillo requests the webpage it is sent a 301 redirect request I would like Spillo to prompt me that the website has permanently moved the old URL to a new URL and ask if I would like to update my bookmark. Personally I sort of wish Pinboard did this on the server side, but it would be great if Spillo prompted this and let me update my URLs as needed, before they become dead.

  2. Add nots” to Collection searches. Currently a URL can contain” but not does not contain” a string. A date can be is in the last” period of time, but not not in the last” period of time. Tag searched can be any” or all”, but you cannot do not”.

  3. Power search on titles. This may be something Pinboard would have to support, but I’d love to be able to pass regex patterns for text searches. Just to highlight a use case for this, I’d like a Collection of Github projects I’ve pinned. That is easy with URL contains github.com”. But, then I’m also capturing Github blog posts which I can’t currently exclude from that collection.

  4. Create collection from tag browser. You can shift click multiple tags in the tag browser, would be nice to then right-click and have Create collection…”.

  5. Drag Community links into my links. It’s slick how you can drag a bookmark onto the tag list to add tags. It would be cool to take a bookmark you from Popular and drag it into Public or All to add it to your bookmarks. Equally drag to Unread or Private to add it as unread or private respectively. Right now you have to repin the bookmark. This would be similar to the Pinboard websites copy to mine…” capability. When doing this it would be nice to add the from:popular” attribution.

  6. Show whole description. Right now you can only have None” or 1, 2 or 3 lines displayed of the description. I’d like an option for All”.

  7. Date part searches. Right now the date searches are only date searched. I’d like to search on date parts. Examples would be Bookmarks added on Saturday or Sunday”, Bookmarks added in 2010”, Bookmarks added after 6pm and before 6am”.

Tag management in general is an area where I continue to hope for an application like Spillo to help out even more.

  1. Spillo already shows the number of times a tag has been used, would be nice to see the date it was last used as well.

  2. It would be nice in tag browser to be able to drop one tag onto another to merge them together (into the one that was dropped on).

  3. Similar to above, select any number of tags and allow a Merge…” capability.

  4. Allow filtering of tags to only show tags used some number of times or less. Similar with show me tags not used in the last number of months or years.

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