March 16, 2016

Email Rule to OmniFocus Action

I get a large volume of email and I try to find every tool I can to better manage it. There are a number of systems that notify me of actions I need to take via email. These clutter up my workflow and I never process these messages like email from people. For example, someone submits an expense report and I need to approve it so Concur sends me an email.

For emails that are always actions, I’ve found it nice to route them straight into my OmniFocus Inbox using a rule. The Omni Sync service has a Maildrop feature that will route from an email address directly to your OmniFocus Inbox.

mail rule - forward to omnifocus

I use a rule like the one above route these system emails around my email and then close them out in my task workflow in OmniFocus. It’s a great way to keep email clean and automatically get these next actions in my system.

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