November 28, 2014

Twitter Spam #NFL

If you have a Twitter account, or have many like I do I’m guessing you got this email from Twitter. I sure hope the NFL paid them a pretty penny to annoy all their users.

  1. I really have 13 Twitter accounts? Well, not really. @VeloTweets, @thinglesBot, @SenateTweets and @Wikinosh are accounts I’ve deleted. Odd Twitter, why do you send email to deleted accounts?

  2. I’ve now unsubscribed 13 accounts from this type of message, which I think I did already, but maybe #NFL promotions” is a new type of message I have to unsubscribe from?

  3. Couldn’t Twitter at least have done some looking at my feed and realized I don’t follow anything football, never tweet about football or show any interest in this?

Twitter Techie

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