June 24, 2014

Ice Cream Riot in Denver


When we are on vacation we tend to enjoy an afternoon ice cream stop and this afternoon we had the delight of experiencing Ice Cream Riot in Denver’s Northeast neighborhood. This shop is relatively new and the guy that owns it works the counter, makes all of the ice cream and experiments with a lot of interesting flavors.

We had Andes Mint, English Toffee and Fruit Loops ice cream! Given another visit I’d be trying the a milkshake!


The ice cream is ridiculously good. Super creamy, smooth, tasty. I think you could put pretty much anything in it and it would taste amazing. Asparagus Ice Cream anyone? I think it would probably be delicious if you started with the base ice cream he is using.


The shop has a great vibe. It feels like any craft coffee shop you might visit. Relaxed, sparse, clean, simple. All good stuff.


If your in Denver and are not lactose intolerant, get yourself here! I liked this place so much I actually posted a review on Yelp!

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