Minnebar 9

Looking forward to special session 0 with David Hussman at tomorrow’s Minnebar!

Wonder if I’ll still have the most Minnebar presenter sessions after this year. 14! :-) t.co/osAO7ZNLI…

Going back to Minnebar 2007 for today’s shirt.

Minnebar getting started! t.co/i86TVwSpX…

Excited to hear David Hussman starting session 0 at Minnebar!

Love joining LaTeX session by Peter Edstrom at Minnebar! Get your geek on. Who needs WYSIWYG? πŸ˜€

Cost $0.53 to drive to Minnebar. t.co/moTMkw9GX…

Standing room only at @AndrewKorf Minnebar UX design session!

About 98 Β°F in this room at Minnebar. Ugh. t.co/x71lv4oqJ…

Minnebar is run by all volunteer team. If you have a moment, say Thanks to the folks coordinating everything.

Come to Challenge at 1:40p for Minnebar 9 on Minnebar session and hear about how our non-profit is evolving, and share ideas you have!

Happy to see @nicksieger at Minnebar! Last seen at Minnebar 1 nine years ago!

Missing Farhan Muhammad at Minnebar. RIP. t.co/hWJjsGbZI… t.co/f5QbjL7OP…

Great day at Minnebar! So wonderful to connect with everyone and enjoy great sessions!

Jamie Thingelstad @jthingelstad

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